Since 1963, the Women’s Club of Newburgh has made contributions totaling over $453,095.29 to local non-profits and the community.

The grant application will be available from September 2018 and must be submitted for consideration by January 15, 2019 for all applications.

The sponsoring Women’s Club of Newburgh member’s signature must be included on the application. Before applying please review all the steps necessary including the Cover Letter; Position Statements; Instructions; Application 2018-2019; Follow-up Report.

Grant Application Welcome

Grant Eligibility

Grant Application

Follow-up Report

All grants awarded on May 7, 2019 require a representative from the non-profit organization receiving the grant to be present in order to receive the grant funds.

If you have further questions after reviewing each section above, please contact the 2nd Vice President of the Women’s Club of Newburgh and Grant Review Committee Chair at

Grant Recipients for 2018


2018 Grant Recipients

Susan Washburn – $5,000;  Tennyson Elementary – $230; John H Castle – $700; Pillow Pals $1,000; Sharon Elementary Lauren Henderson and Jennifer Harding – $500; Sharon Elementary Karen Freeman – $500; Sharon Elementary Stacie Barker – $300; Elberfield Elementary Jennifer Westrich – $300; Loge Elementary Lynn Pierce and Paula Davis  – $555.81; Oakdale Elementary Rebecca Teal – $500; Oakdale Elementary Holly Meyer  – $165; YWCA Janet Keller – $1,066; Junior Achievement Cheryl Voight – $3,400; Holly’s House –  $3,000; SIRS Kelly Mitchell – $2,000; Chandler Elementary Meagan Emerson – $500